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General Excavation Contractor

Specialized contractor in general excavation works in the Montreal area.

We Offer:

Our expert excavation contractors will advise you and guide you through the process. 

Inquiries about our services will be provided, such as demolition, development, building expansions, digging, development of a parking lot, swimming pool or simple excavation.

Being fully equiped enables us to achieve your ideas and the mechanical technologies of civil engineering with the use of our heavy up to date equipment.

Meeting our commitments combining your ideas and budgets, all within the timeframe allotted.

We cover a large area of prospecting, starting from Montreal, Laval and North Shore, extending to Longueuil and South Shore.

Our full devotion and the reliability of our workers as well as monitoring your excavation projects to ensure your total satisfaction.

    ·  Excavation of all types for :

    • Telecom Connection
    • Water connection
    • Sewer connection
    • Connection of sump and septic tank
    • Footings and foundation
    • Pool
    • French drain
    • Tank
    • Trench
    • Ditch
    • Decontamination
    • Paving stone

    ·  Grading, clearing and earthworks
    ·  Landscaping
    ·  Rip Rap
    ·  Demolition and Crushing
    ·  Stump removal (any type of tree and planting)
    ·  Pyrite – testing and decontamination

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Our other skills: